Press Release

Poçem issue in court-the second preparatory session was held today

The second preparatory session of Poçem HPP, was held today in the Administrative Court in Tirana. In this session there were present almost all the parties, such as: Ministry of Energy, Kovly Energji company, state’s lawyer and EcoAlbania.


Photo: O. Hadushaj

The lawsuit opened by the national and international NGOs together with 38 affected residents of the Poçem HPP will continue with the next session on March 30th, at 14:00.  The judge decided to open the judgment in the next session.

During the last preparatory session our lawyer presented the requests to the court such as: declaring the environmental declaration and the contract as an invalid administrative act. On the other side the lawyer of the company that have the concession, asked to know the facts of the lawsuit and presented the company’s materials.

The Ministry of Energy pretending that they have followed all the legal procedures asked to cancel the judgment. In the same line goes also the state’s lawyer. As from the National Agency of Environment there were no representative present, even though they are part of the defendants regarding the public consultation process and environmental declaration.