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Patagonia’s Blue Heart Film Hopes To Protect The Last Wild Rivers Of Europe

The Article “Patagonia’s Blue Heart Film Hopes To Protect The Last Wild Rivers Of Europe” by boardsportsource is about Patagonia’s latest documentary film Blue Heart which is about Europe’s last wild rivers and how they might get destroyed by hydropower plants. The documentary film  is being screened around the world as a centerpiece of the ongoing Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign and is about to bring international awareness to this topic. The Balkan Peninsula between Slovenia and Albania is home to the last wild rivers in Europe where more than 3,000 proposed hydropower projects threaten to destroy the culture and ecology of this region. Local activists living along the shores of these rivers and European NGOs such as RiverWatch and EuroNatur are fighting against government corruption and foreign investment. Blue Heart documents the battle to protect Albania’s Vjosa River, the largest undammed river in Europe.

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Patagoias Blue Heart Hopes to protect the last wild rivers of europe