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Patagonia Blog “The Cleanest Line”: Save the Blue Heart of Europe

Patagonia - the blue heart of europeOutdoor apparel brand Patagonia has been supporting the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign through grants and communication efforts over the past year. Three posts on the blog “The Cleanest Line” focuse on this campaign and the discoveries Patagonia athletes have made:

Save the Blue Heart of Europe: 23 Rivers, 6 Countries, 390 River Kilomerters, 1 Purpose

Hans Cole, director of environmental campaigns for Patagonia, writes about the Balkan Rivers Tour and the Save the Blue Heart Campaign. Read the complete post here.

The Balkan River Story

Ulrich Eichelmann from Riverwatch explains the importance of the conservation of the river system on the Balkan peninsula, which is still intact in vast areas. Read the complete post here.

Climbing in Albania

Several Patagonia climbing ambassadors posted an article about discovering Albania and its unclimbed walls and remote areas. Find the full post here.