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Part time job as project coordinator at EcoAlbania

EcoAlbania wants to hire a part-time project coordinator 

Project: Solar in Kutë

General Scope

The Vjosa River is of pan-European or even global importance. Along its 270km flow it represents one of the last intact large river systems in Europe, flowing from the Pindus Mountains in Greece to the Adriatic Sea without artificial obstacles. It hosts all different types of ecosystems: from the narrow gorges in the upper part to the wide braided river sections in the middle part to the near natural delta. The Vjosa River is draining a total area of 6,700 km² in Albania and Greece and discharges an average of 204 m³/s into the Adriatic Sea.

It is precisely the uniqueness of this river that has gain the attention of the international community outside the Albania also thanks to the Campaign run by several NGOs, called “Save the Blue Heart of Europe”. For more than 5 years the coalition of NGOs lead by EuroNatur and Riverwatch, has continued its battle for preserving the most valuable river stretches along the Balkan Peninsula that are threatened by the hydropower project.

The Vjosa River has been one of the most important River to protect in all these years. Giving voice to affected local communities and supporting them in their anti – hydropower battle has been so far an successful strategy used within the frame of the campaign.

There have been 2 major threats identified and opposed in the Vjosa; The Kalivaç and Poçem hydropower plants. The latest, if would have been built, would put at risk the livelihood of more than 4.000 people by permanently flooding their arable lands on both sides of the river.

The most affected community would have been the people of the village Kutë. However they’ve been able to file a lawsuit together with the NGOs coalition of the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, against the Poçem hydropower. Through the litigation process the Court decided to cancel the concessionary contract and to suspend the construction. This way the Kutë people are known as the village of resistance on anti-hydropower. Thus they have been part of the “Blue Heart” movie produced by Patagonia in 2018.

Another important way is to bring at the decision-makers tables the alternatives to hydropower, by trying to concretize the good practices. Under the motto that “Solar is the future” it is aimed to have more community based of rooftop PVs installed in Albania.

Having considered the above EcoAlbania, in cooperation with Patagonia, EuroNatur and Riverwatch is going to implement the “Solar in Kutë” campaign.


Project description:

“Solar in Kutë” campaign is a campaign that aims to install the first community based rooftops PV in Albania.  EcoAlbania has already prepared the project’s prefeasibility study and within the second half of 2020 aims to have implement the project.

The project includes the installation of the PV panels on the rooftops of the public buildings in the Kutë village (school, health care building, culture building etc.).

The electricity that will be produced through the installation of these panels will be used to reduce the public service electricity bill, such as heating for the school classes, pumping of the drinkable water for the community etc.

The project is foreseen to start by early November 20019 and will end up with the installation of the PVs, which is foreseen to be finalized by end of April 2020.

The detailed project will be shared to the awarded project coordinator after hiring.

Skills Requirements:

–  Degree on Environmental sciences or alternatively on renewable energy sources

–  Good knowledge on PVs in particular

–  Good written, spoken and understanding in English language

–  Experience in fundraising and campaigning

–  Good skills on team working

–  Good skills on computer software (Microsoft Office, G.I.S

–  Good skills on social media management (Preferably; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 


  1. Initiating and coordination of the fundraising Campaign to support the “Solar in Kutë” project
  2. Management of the online fundraising campaign through the social media
  3. Coordination of the project implementation with the identified PV company. Coordinate the installation work of the rooftops PV in Kutë
  4. Promote the Project to the wider public through EcoAlbania, Patagonia, EuroNatur and Riverwatch social media channels
  5. Keep the constant/regular communication amongst all project partners via virtual communication platforms (i.e. Skype, Zoom, e-mail, etc.).
  6. Report regularly about the project progress to EcoAlbania and other partners.


  • The Coordinator should be available to work part-time (50%) at EcoAlbania’s office (Tirana) on daily basis
  • The Coordinator should be available to travel outside Tirana if necessary

Payment details:

  • Payment should be made on monthly basis via bank transfer
  • EcoAlbania is committed to pay all the taxes and insurance to the relevant national authorities
  • The gross monthly salary foreseen is the equivalent in ALL of 350 €

All the interested can apply at: [email protected] by sending the following documents:

  • University Degree
  • A certificate that proves the English language knowledge
  • CV
  • Motivation later

Deadline for application:

November 10th, 2019 at 17:00 CET