New initiatives for energy efficiency in Tirana

Roundtable discussion with representatives from Tirana Municipality, Municipal Council and experts.

A meeting with representatives of Tirana Municipality, Municipal Council and experts on energy efficiency in Tirana was held on December 1st, 2017. The participants were introduced to some of the data from the study conducted by EcoAlbania and EDEN Center on “energy poverty” and energy performance in Tirana. They discussed on the different ways of interpretation the collected data, as well as on the concrete steps that should be taken in addressing the problems.



During the opening of the discussions. Foto: B. Guri/EcoAlbania

The Municipal Council representatives expressed their interest on the detailed information of the study, as well as their commitment to propose policies for the facilitation of taxes for the constructors that will bring energy efficient buildings in the market. They also proposed to present the problematic evidenced from the study and afterwards opening the discussion with Tirana Municipality towards the improvement of the situation.

Mr. Gjergji Simaku, Director of the Department of Policies, Energy & Industry Development Strategy, at the Ministry of Energy and Industry, explained some of the steps that the central government will pursue in order to achieve the standards for energy efficiency in the sectors of construction and transportation. He emphasized the creation of the “Agency for Energy Efficiency”, a new structure of the ministry. The first generation of energy auditors is foreseen to be certified soon. The central government plans the creation of a national register for energy efficiency of constructions. “After the audit of all buildings, these will be provided with the energy certificate and will be listed in the register.” – said Mr. Simaku.


Tryeza e diskutimit me temë “Efiçenca energjetike në qytetin e Tiranës” me përfaqësues të Bashkisë Tiranë, Këshillit Bashkiak, si dhe ekspertë të fushës. Foto: B.Guri/EcoAlbania

Foto: B.Guri/EcoAlbania

On the other hand, Mr. Erjon Tase, Executive Director of the Academy of Political Studies, stopped on the problematic and difficulties of this process. “Funding, delays in the coordination and implementation of national plans, delays in the coordination for the foreign investments utilization and the lack of experts are some of the difficulties that Albania faces in fulfilling national objectives on energy efficiency.” – he said.

Mr. Abaz Hado, Deputy Mayor of Tirana, shared with the participants’ actions undertaken from the Municipality for lightening all of Tirana’s territory with LED efficient lights, as well as the initiative for public transportation with electric city-buses and taxies.

This activity was organized by EcoAlbania in the frame of “Together – an eye for the environment” project and is financially supported from the Swedish Embassy on within the SENiOR-II program implemented by Regional Environmental Centre – REC Albania.