Monitoring season of Albanian Water Frog in Vlora Bay has been started

EcoAlbania has started the field work on the Albanian water frog (Pelophylax shqipericus) species’ distribution, ecology and its population status in Vlora Bay.

During this phase there are being collected data about the species and its habitats, that will serve as basis for drafting the Species Action Plan – a policy paper for the conservation of the Albanian water frog in Albania.

The Albanian water frog (Pelophylax shqipericus) is an endemic species to the Balkans and primarily found only in western Albania and southern Montenegro, where it inhabits ditches, freshwater marshes, and the heavily vegetated shorelines of lakes and rivers. It has been found to live in some areas of the Vlora Bay.

Internationally, there is significant concern for the status of the species due to a decline in its population and the degradation of its habitat. It is presently listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List and it is listed on Appendix III of the Bern Convention. Albania has so far, no specific management plan for the conservation of this species. #CriticalEcosystemPartnershipFund


General information:

Vlora Bay is a high priority Key Biodiversity Area where elements of biodiversity (i.e. threatened species and ecosystems) are combined. This ecosystem is known for its great aesthetic value, distinguished for its particular natural integrity, and ecological equilibrium. Of the 46 species reported on the Albanian coast, 32 of them can be found in Vlora Bay. Taking into account the Red List of Albania’s Fauna too among 220 species of marine fauna included in this list, around 160 species (75%) are reported to be found in Vlora Bay.

EcoAlbania with the support of CEPF – Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is implementing the project “Conservation actions for the Albanian water frog (Pelophylax shqipericus) in Vlora Bay”, with the aim conservation of “Albanian water frog” in the Vlora Bay by assessing the current situation, threats and the necessary conservation measures to the Albanian water frog in Vlora Bay and engaging local stakeholders in conservation actions for the Albanian water frog in the Vlora Bay.