Medicinal and aromatic plants in the Vjosa watershed – WPI research

November 2016 – During an entire month EcoAlbania team had the pleasure to host and help during their research project a group of students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). This group of talented youngsters studied the production and trade of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) in the Vjosa watershed region. They compiled a list of all species found in the studied area and delineated people involved with collection and trade in the Vjosa watershed and the negative impact dams will have on the rural livelihood.


During their time in Albania, they used interviews to obtain real information about the entire process. At the end of their study, we have an updated list of species of the area with an eye on the endangered and threatened species. Also, they prepared a documentary with images of the region, field work, interviews to the stakeholders, in order to make us better understand the importance of this in both: people’s life and ecosystem’s health.

The study takes another step toward our work in emphasizing the Vjosa watershed biodiversity. Making possible to enlarge our audience for a better understanding of its natural values and bringing together our efforts in preserving it.

Find the full report here