Mapping of hydropower plant in Albania, using Geographic Information System

The hydropower industry business has been growing very fast in Albania since 2007. Few studies have been published recently about the environmental and social impacts of this industry. Mapping of the existing hydropower plants and those which are planned to be developed is a must, in order to understand and estimate the consequences and to develop the proper conservation plans. GIS is shown to be a very useful tool, in environmental management and protection in different fields, including hydrology. This paper includes: a desk research on the identification of hydropower plants’ geographic location, and additional data associated with each one such as: the company’s name, power, capacity, basin, etc.; also the mapping and classification of the hydropower in different categories. The purpose of this project is to: create an open geodatabase, available to everyone who needs the information regarding the existing and planned hydropower plants in Albania; create an interactive map integrated into the webpage; mapping the HPPs of albania

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