Join the Balkan Rivers Tour 3 through your art

We invite artists from different art fields to join our BRD with transformation of »human depletions«, wood, stones, branches etc. to arts. We would like to give artists a chance to show their visions, to introduce their work to public and to contribute their effort to defend Balkan Rivers wilderness.

BRD-ART eng (00000003)Your art is free (voluntery) gift for final exhibiton.
Earnings from sale (silent auction) go to BRD.

Theme: River lives, dam kills!

Arts from »human« depletions etc. what does not belong to the river (wires, plastic, metals … inetersting garbage, transformed by river) combined with natural materials (stones, bark, branches, sticks …), colors, painted, modeled … by artists wish and imagination. Paintings, graphics, statues, sculptures, instalations …

Artists of all art fields: painters, graphic designers, sculptors, architects … All who wish to create and to challenge themselves. All who want to contribute to defend wilderness of rivers and show work to public.

How to get depletions?
Artist should get the material from river banks and shores on her/his own (finding interestin garbage also contribute to clean nature ). If there’s no possibility to get material BRD can help.
Other materials?
Other materials (colors, brushes, glue, sprays etc…): his/her own materials that artist work with.

You can start with work before BRT3 begins. Arts will be shown on final exhibition in Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, 6th October 2018.

During BRT3 we will create a group of artist (you can join wherever, whenever … come-art-go) and we will try to create group art together.

How to deliver the arts?
Via Mail. You can deliver it to BRT3 and catch us on our way.
If, via Mail: send it till Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 to:
Zavod Leeway Collective
Zgornja Lipnica 24a
4246 Kamna Gorica
Slovenia – Europe

Contact: Anja Lampret, [email protected], FB, Insta
Theme: River lives, dam kills
– Name and Surname.
– Heading.
– Date.
– Origins of depletions.
– Country.
Size: not more than 1,8m x 1,5m.
Ana Surname
Wild River, 11. 10. 2018
Material: wire from Soča River, stones from Koritnica river, metal from Vjosa River etc.

If you would like to sell your arts during final event, you can. But you have to have legal rights to sell your products. Apply: till 1st October 2018.