Job vacancy – Coordinator of Lawyers for Rivers

Brief description                

EcoAlbania within the frame of “Save the blue heart of Europe” campaign would like to engage the services of one coordinator on legal background and expertise to coordinate the initiative “Lawyers for Rivers” with the main focus to tackle and initiate litigation processes against the illegal hydropower projects in Albania.

Terms of Reference

Job Vacancy Announcer: EcoAlbania
Title: Coordinator for “Lawyers for Rivers”
Location: Tirana
Start of assignment:   15 May 2021
End of assignment: 31 October 2022
Engagement: Full time
Suggested fee:       75.000 ALL / month[1]


The centre for Protection of the Natural Ecosystems in Albania (EcoAlbania) is a non-governmental environmental organization that works on the protection of the natural ecosystems and their ecological interactions through the protection of the wildlife and their habitats with the belief that the use of the renewable natural sources should be sustainable for the society wellbeing in the country. In addition, its actions contribute to stop the increasing destruction and help on the recovering of natural environment. Thus, EcoAlbania aims is to strengthen the friendly coexistence of man and nature in Albania.

Since its establishment on 2014, EcoAlbania has been the local partner of the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign in Albania.

The campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” was launched in 2013 in order to raise awareness about the imminent dam craze on the Balkan peninsula and to spare the most valuable rivers and river stretches from destruction. Since then, it is implemented by a wide coalition of NGOs all over the Balkans and it is coordinated by the International NGOs, EuroNatur and Riverwatch.

One of the strategies to challenge the upcoming 2.700 dams in the region, is the initiation of litigation processes against the construction of the dams.

Thus, the tactic to counter the “dam tsunami”, will be the establishment of the “Lawyers for Rivers”. This initiative will aim to establish a group of professional lawyers all over the Balkans that will be willing to initiate and follow litigation processes against the construction of the dams on the individual countries.


In this context, the EcoAlbania seeks to engage a coordinator of legal background to be able to establish and coordinate the “Lawyers for Rivers” in Albania that will counter the construction of illegal and harmful hydropower in relation to nature and to local communities.

Tasks and Responsibilities

 Task 1: Data collection and assessment research on HPPs. Conduct in-depth review of the sectorial legislation (Law on Concessions, Law on Energy, Law on Environmental Protection etc.); Prepare a full dataset and mapping of HPPs in Albania including planned, under construction and operational ones.

Task 2: Develop a technical Filtering & Prioritisation of HPPs. Develop a multicriteria technique to prioritise the HPPs that have the best chances to be tackled via litigation processes. Thus, via filtering shall come up with shortlist of HPPs that can be subject to litigation.

Task 3: Setting up the team of Lawyers. Using the already existing channels and networks of EcoAlbania and its partners, the coordinator will be responsible to establish the group of lawyers that will be able to effectively and actively challenge the HPPs that will be identified as subject to litigation.

Task 4: Coordinating the “lawyers for river”. After the establishment, the coordinator will be responsible for the activation and operation of the “Lawyers for Rivers” team in Albania. Organization of regular meetings and periodic “state of affairs” reports will be some of the tools to be conducted within the frame of ensuring the effectiveness of the heterogenous group of “Lawyers for Rivers”. In Addition the coordinator must be able to initiate and follow cases on administrative complaint level with the relevant public institutions.

Task 5: Communication is one of the key responsibilities of the coordinator. The coordinator must be able to initiate and exchange the information between different stakeholders and levels including: national institutions, local communities, lawyers’ groups, International partners, wider public (media). The communication shall include several ways such as drafting of requests for information addressed to national authorities, direct meetings, virtual calls, drafting media articles or participating in the media.

Task 6: Reporting is another crucial responsibility. Thus, the coordinator must be able to prepare and share reports of progress, short memos, within the team of the lawyers’ group as well as with the EcoAlbania’s partners. Reporting includes also the preparation of the technical Reports within the frame of the initiative. 

Necessary Qualifications (please differentiate between what is mandatory and what is desirable)

  • University in Law, legal studies or, Environmental studies; (Mandatary)
  • A minimum of five years of work experience as consultant/expert/project in the field of hydro development in Albania; (Mandatory)
  • Extensive knowledge on Albanian legislation, in the framework on Concessions, Administrative Law, Hydropower Sector and Environment Law; (Desirable)
  • Knowledge and/or previous experience working in the framework of hydro development issues in the region will be an added advantage; (Desirable)
  • Excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills in Albanian and in English; (Mandatory)
  • Computer literate (Mandatory)
  • Ability to travel within the country and abroad (Mandatory)
  • Valid driving licence (Desirable)

 Necessary Documents for Application

  •  Letter of Expression of Interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Education and Skills Certificates (Copy of Diploma and Certificates)
  • Certificate of Judicial Status


The recruitment will follow a specific method that will include the open call for application of the candidates in the step 1. The first filtering process will go through the checking of the administrative content of the candidates. Secondly, all the candidates that will pass the first filter will be interviewed by a jury of lawyers independent from EcoAlbania. They will select the most skilled and capable candidates that will take part in a one-week training session in the topics of the requested responsibilities. All the candidates will go through the final step of selection that will be an improvised judicial process that will enable to the jury to assess even the practical skills of the candidates. In the end of the process the jury will come up with the 3 selected candidates.

EcoAlbania reserves the right to choose the candidate that will be assigned as the project coordinator for the job vacancy

Please send your applications to the e-mail address: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: May 9th 2021

EcoAlbania point of contact (Post & Name): Olsi Nika, Executive Director

[1] The amount refers to gross monthly salary and includes all the fees according to legal obligations in force in Albania. Office facilities, mobility costs and daily allowances, accommodation in case of business trips shall be covered by EcoAlbania separately to the indicated amount.