Press Release

International Day of Action for Rivers 2017: Save Europe’s rivers campaign with a common statement

save europe's rivers banner-05Rivers are the veins of the Planet. They are a vital stage of the water cycle, the nutrient transport that fertilizes our meadows and the sediment transportation that nourishes our beaches. Providing corridors of wilderness for those seeking adventure and the life blood of the communities that line their banks. Fee-flowing rivers are as important to mankind as they are to the abundant flora and fauna they support.

Despite this, they are the most threatened ecosystems in the World losing species and habitats faster than any other. Dams are the major cause of this damage. Europe’s rivers alone have more than one million barriers breaking river connectivity and blocking riverine life.

The need to produce renewable energy is greater than ever but technological advancements in wind and solar power along with the refitting of existing dams have brought many cleaner and greener alternatives than new hydropower.

If we continue to poison and stifle the flowing waters of our planet, we will cause irreparable harm to the systems that sustain us…

We must Save Europe’s Rivers now!

The following organizations subscribe this statement on the 14th of March, 2017, in celebration of the International Day of Action for Rivers

  • AEMS-Ríos con Vida | Spain
  • Aqua Viva | Switzerland
  • EcoAlbania | Albania
  • Free Rivers Italia | Italy
  • GEOTA – Rios Livres | Portugal
  • Leeway Collective | Slovenia
  • Save the River Conwy | United Kingdom
  • SOS Salvem o Surf | Portugal