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Green jobs: youngsters’ approach toward sustainable development

EcoAlbania launched the implementation of the project “Encouraging green entrepreneurship in high school pupils” in the frame of promoting United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development. Pupils from vocational secondary schools will be informed on the SDGs, the existence of “green jobs” and the possibilities to develop their professions remaining friendly to the environment.


Gjatë orës mësimore në shkollën "26 Marsi"

During the teaching day  in “26 Marsi” school


During February, three teaching days were conducted in three vocational secondary schools in Tirana and Durrës County. The teaching sessions were held with senior pupils from the department of: Culinary at “Hysen Çela” school in Durrës, Mechanics in “26 Marsi” school in Kavaja, and Information Technology in “Gjergj Canco” school in Tirana. They were introduced with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. Among other topics, with the young professionals were discussed: young people as future entrepreneurs, the creation of new job opportunities, the “green jobs” concept and the possibility to be developed in Albania. Pupils had the occasion to share information and address questions to expand their knowledge.



During the teaching day at "Gjergj Canco" school © V. Kabili

During the teaching day at “Gjergj Canco” school © V. Kabili


Seniors from “Gjergj Canco” and “26 Marsi” schools, were explained especially goal no. 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” and goal no. 8 “Good jobs and economic growth”. Discussions were made on how to make cities more inclusive, safer, more resilient and sustainable. Pupils brought their approach regarding the possibility for the creation of these cities. The trainer from EcoAlbania explained how these approaches can lead to the development of a business idea that brings innovation while ensuring jobs for them, as well as for other youngsters.



The teaching day in "Hysen Çela" school

The teaching day in “Hysen Çela” school


An interactive teaching session was held at “Hysen Çela”. Pupils were further explained goal no. 14 “Life below water” and goal no. 8 “Good jobs and economic growth”. Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources was considered as an important element to be shared with them, being a community that lives near the coast. Discussions took place on how fishing, sustainable management of marine ecosystems and use of sea products for cooking aiming at reducing the amount of food waste, can lead to the development of new job opportunities, while promoting local culture and products. Furthermore, the young professionals shared some innovative methods they use for cooking based on traditional recipes and were informed by the trainer on the possibilities for the development of new enterprises that bring these innovations.

This is only the first session of lessons foreseen to be held in the frame of this project. EcoAlbania will work with these youngsters on teaching and informing them regarding different models of “green jobs”, how to generate a business idea, as well as on the development of “green entrepreneurship” models.

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation, supports the programme SEEDLING implemented by REC Albania.

This project is implemented by EcoAlbania and is financially supported by REC Albania in the frame of the SEEDLING programme.