In continuation to the tour of meetings with the local communities that are affected by the hydropower developments in Albania – part of the “Give voice to river protection” project – this weekend we will have a meeting with the residents of the Picar village in Gjirojkastër.

The government has given the concession for the construction of one hydropower project in the Gurra river – a tributary to Bença river. The residents have raised their voice against this project and have already signed a petition in this matter.


The meeting will be held on Sunday, June 28th 2020, at 11:00, at the centre of the village. 


Banorët e fshatit e kanë kundërshtuar këtë projekt dhe kanë nënshkruar edhe një peticion.

Takimi do të mbahet ditën e diele, dt. 28 qershor 2020, ora 11:00, në qendrën e fshatit.