Ongoing Projects

Watershed Environmental Education in Albania

In the last decades, various natural phenomena such as desertification, flooding, habitat destruction, species extinction, pollution, misuse of natural resources issues have become very concerning. Today environmental issues are a local and global challenge for many institutions. Thus, more efforts should be undertaken to increase environmental consciousness through education and awareness activities with children in schools.

In this regard, EcoAlbania has developed contemporary curricula over the years and it has successfully implemented the Environmental education activities with school children in particularly remote regions in Albania

The FiKiBio is one of the key instruments to conduct environmental education activities. It consists of a combined method of theoretical and practical terms. The theoretical part is compressed in a guidebook developed by EcoAlbania while the practical aspects are supported by a mobile laboratory with, well-equipped with the necessary instruments for the conduction of the experiments.

The overall objective is to enhance environmental awareness through education of youngsters in Albania.

The specific objectives will be:

  • to conduct environmental education program in a systemic way by covering all the 12 districts of the country (36 schools)
  • to conduct trainings with primary-secondary school teachers on implementing FiKiBio modules and environmental education

Expected results from this project would be:

Children will be more aware of the environmental issues and good practices for nature protection.

o Initiatives of environmental clean-up and reforestation will be practiced by primary-secondary school children.

o New generation will gain additional knowledge on nature protection, that will impact their attitude towards environment in the future;

o Albanian school teachers will be more aware about environmental issues and how to use interactive teaching practices in environmental education.

Planned project execution period: 1 February 2023 – 31 June 2024

Financed by: US Forest Services International Programs


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ESPID4Vjosa- Enhancing a Science-Policy Interface Development for the Vjosa

The Vjosa River Basin is situated in the southern Albania. Being considered as the last free-flowing river in entire Europe, Vjosa represents a great potential not only for the nature conservation values but also for the sustainable economic development via ecotourism activities.

However, because of a missing integrated, bilateral management plan for the river basin, Vjosa is facing many challenges.

Following the previous work on emphasizing the river importance and uniqueness in terms of nature conservation, EuroNatur and EcoAlbania as is implementing the “ESPID 4 Vjosa” Project that aims to strengthen the management efforts for sustainable development of the Vjosa River catchment by bridging the science-policy-society interface.

Thus, the main aim is to enhance science support for responsible governmental institutions and to foster the communication between decision-makers, scientists, public, stakeholders and NGO’s.

The overall objective is to strengthen the science-policy interface, empirical evidence, its ac-cess and use for the management efforts for sustainable development of the Vjosa River catchment.

The specific objectives will be:

  • to develop and improve the bridging of the science-society interface,
  • to enhance the science support for responsible governmental institutions and evidence-based decision-making;
  • to foster the communication between decision-makers, scientists, public, stakeholders and NGO’s.

The project is foreseen to have the following expected result:

Establishment of interface and coordination mechanisms for the intersectoral, integration and collaboration of stakeholders and enhancement of involvement in decision-making processes (led by Project Management Team);

  • Intensification of an effective scientific research on the Vjosa River Basin ecosystem;
  • Civic partnership is built to grow local capacity on the Water Management;
  • Enhancement of the role of RBCs and LGUs into the decision-making by building their capacities and offering the science-based evidence for a better decision-making
  • Establish an effective exchange and cooperation on a transboundary context for the Vjosa/Aoós River Basin.

Planned project execution period: 1 December 2021- 30 November 2024 (36 months)

Partner: EuroNatur

Financed by: Austrian Development Agency


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ENGONA – Environmental NGO Network in Albania

ENGONA – Environmental NGO Network in Albania, aims to bring together the environmental NGOs in Albania which share a common interest in the protection of the environment.

Due to the lack of collaboration between those NGOs, a solution would be the elimination of fragmentarization between them and an increase in the cooperation. It is often seen that the voice of the civil society organizations is missing due to a lack of funding or lack of activities. Therefore, if they merge together in their causes they have a higher chance to fully implement their activities and get help in terms of financial ongoings as well as consultations in the way their infrastructure is built.

The overall objective:

To eliminate the fragmentarization between environmental NGOs and to create a friendly collaboration atmosphere between them.

Specific Objectives

  • Create a network platform of NGOs operating in the field of environment.
  • Create 4 thematic networks under the sector of protection of environment.
  • Technical help towards the thematic networks for advocacy related activities regarding common environmental issues.

This project would be a positive practice in Albania under the shared common interests between NGOs in environmental issues. Through this initiative an increase in the common advocacies and activities is expected to increase, as well as greater collaboration between those NGOs that operate under the same topic. Due to the fact that they will be categorized based on areas of operation and shared causes, this novelty of common initiatives would become a reality resulting in more powerful campaigns, collaborations and a wider scope of protection of a given environmental issue.

Project duration

October 2021- January 2023

*This project is implemented by EcoAlbania in collaboration with Albanian Center for Environmental Governance (ACEG) and Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (IPPM), with the financial support of LëvizAlbania – a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and collaboration.



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Solar in Kutë

“Solar in Kutë” project, aims to bring a clean and sustainable energy source (solar energy) to the village of Kutë, focused in achieving the first solar (self-production/self-consumption) experience through the installment of solar photovoltaic PV panels on the main state-owned building roof’s.

Threatened in their livelihood by a potential dam on the Vjosa, in the last couple of years, Kutë village has become an emblematic village linked with the resistance against the construction of a hydro power dam in Poçem village.

Kutë village– wants to show that the destruction of Europe’s last wild river is not even necessary. They can produce their own energy on their roofs, creating more income for the community.

There are other alternatives to hydropower for Albania and under the motto ‘Solar is the future’, EcoAlbania in cooperation with Patagonia, EuroNatur and Riverwatch wants to bring at the decision-makers tables ‘Solar in Kutë’ project pilot campaign, as the first community owned energy production.

The overall objective:

Bring Solar Energy to a remote and rural area

Specific objectives:

  •  Raise awareness of the community energy solutions
  • Spur on further solar and sustainable energy projects
  • Stop the hydropower dam construction in the Poçem village
  • Save Kute village from suffering a dire economic situation due to the flooding of over 2,500 ha of agriculture land and subsequent displacement of local people

This will be the first practice or model of “energy communities or energy cooperatives” in Albania that will create community owned Energy. EcoAlbania hopes that this pilot project will raise awareness of rural community renewable energy solutions and push on further solar and sustainable energy projects with the solid mission in supporting the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign on fighting the construction of the hydropower dam in Poçem as it will have a direct negative impact on the Kutë local community

Project duration: January 2020 – May 2020


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