Completed Projects

Vjosa Campaign – an inspiration for activism in Albania

Since its creation in December 2014, EcoAlbania has been the local partner for Albania at the MAWA funded project “Save the Blue Heart of Europe Campaign” that aims to protect the most valuable rivers in South East Europe from destruction by uncontrolled hydropower projects.

As well as partner at the project “Saving Europe’s last free flowing wild river – Vjosa/ Aoos that aims at raising the public awareness about Vjosa River, its ecological values and vulnerability and its protection of the river from HPP plans.

Due to the experience of this last 8 years EcoAlbania has implemented the “Give voice to river protection” project aimed to mobilize the local communities and the public pressure, promoting engagement with sustainable management of the rivers and to demonstrate the benefits from the protection of rivers.

In the same field EcoAlbania comes with follow up project the “Vjosa Campaign – an inspiration for activism in Albania” to share this experience with national and regional NGOs as a key role player on undertaking and running the campaigns for nature protection.

The project will aim to develop 2 booklets and 2 short videos for: Legal tools, and Media awareness raising tools for nature conservation, to be used by the NGOs while campaigning for the nature conservation. The development of such tools will be based on EcoAlbania’s experience with the campaign to protect the Vjosa River.

As the best visual tool to be used in order to attract and impress the targeted audience will be the development and sharing of the short documentary “Vjosa campaign story” as a reconstruction of the campaign actions up to the current state.

A series of forums in the Balkan neighbouring countries will be held to share this experience through the materials that will be produced. After the events they will be available for the NGOs at any time on EcoAlbania web page and social pages.


  1. To further contribute and promote the “M1M2 – Ensuring integrated management of river basins related to Mediterranean Basin” OAP.
  2. Mobilization of national and regional NGOs and adopt these tools to their work and actions for nature protection campaigns.

Project duration:  June 2021-June 2022

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EYES on Vjosa – Engagement of Youth in the Ecotourism Sector on Vjosa valley

The development of the ecotourism is very important especially for a country with so many natural resources like Albania.

According to INSTAT in during 2019, entered Albania 6.1 million foreign tourists. The increase of the number of tourists is inevitably accompanied by an increase in the number of employees in the ecotourism sector. The improvement of tourist infrastructure and management, as well as its promotion will create preconditions for new job opportunities and income generation for local communities.

The Vjosa valley is one of the great potential areas for development of sustainable tourism based on environment and cultural values in Albania. The previous work of EcoAlbania and its international partner organizations has played a significant role on emphasizing the multidimensional values of the Vjosa.

Young people of the area urge for new job possibilities, while the potential for ecotourism in the area is high. They are currently lacking knowledge on how to make their living relying on ecotourism, experience/ training in providing services and tourism management practices.

In order to help young people, come out from unemployment EcoAlbania undertook the project EYES on Vjosa. Aiming to engage young people from peri-rural and rural areas of the Vjosa valley in trainings, practical activities and create new tourist infrastructure to use from the young people.

Overall objective:

To engage young people in the ecotourism activities in Albania.

Specific objectives:

  1. To provide to the youngsters of rural and peri-rural area of Tepelena new professional skills for working in the ecotourism sector;
  2. To give the good example of practical intervention towards set up facilities that enable the ecotourism development of the area

Project duration:  November 2021- December 2021

This project is implemented by EcoAlbania supported by the Small Grants Scheme provided by the project “Effective management of natural resources supporting the green economy for a sustainable development of Vjosa Valley-Zagori”.

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Youth Collaboration for Transboundary Dinaric Alps

The project “Cross-border Dialogue – “Youth Collaboration for Transboundary Dinaric Alps”  aims at creating cooperation bridges among the youngsters of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Through our project we are trying to change how the next generation, youth, interpret challenges in the Bjeshkët e Namuna / Prokletije / Albanian Alps area. EcoAlbania in partnership with ERA NGO from Kosovo and Green Home from Montenegro, in order to reach this goal, will develop a range of activities with youngsters between 18 and 24 years old. They will be encouraged to see the Dinaric Alps not as a separation geographical fenomenon but as a meeting point that encourages them to collaborate.

Overall Objective: Increasing youth mobility and intercultural dialogue through capacity building

Specific objectives:

  • Raising awareness on the protection and promotion of the cross-border area of Bjeshkët e Namuna / Prokletije / Albanian Alps.
  • Building capacities for youth collaboration to promote shared values and issues in Western Balkans.

Duration: November 2019 – July 2020

Partners: Green Home (Montenegro) and ERA (Kosovo)

Financially supported by: RYCO – “Regional Youth Cooperation, Mobility and Exchange”


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Give voice to river protection

Albania is experiencing day after day loss of water resources, loss of biodiversity and destruction of ecosystems as a result of the uncontrolled hydropower developments. “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign has contributed to a large extent in the creation and expansion of scientific data on Balkan rivers, especially Vjosa, and mobilization of public opinion against the HPP plans.

Vjosa is one of the last wild rivers of Europe. A guideline that will compress our experience will be shared with activists and local stakeholders through meetings in the most problematic areas related to HPP projects in Albania. A short video will document all the learning and sharing experience.

This project will further contribute and promote the “M1M2 – Ensuring integrated management of river basins related to Mediterranean Basin” OAP. Through its sharing we aim at mobilization of local communities and the public pressure, promoting engagement with sustainable management of the rivers and to demonstrate the benefits from the protection of rivers.

Overall objective: Mobilization of local communities to engage in “River Protection Campaigning” – Vjosa Case

Specific objectives:

  • Identify conservation values of the riverine ecosystem
  • Identify the problems and threats and make them visible
  • Engage local community in conservation actions through decision-making

Project duration: August 2019- July 2020

Financially supported by: MAVA – Fondation pour la Nature


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