Workshop with environmental NGOs in Kukes

Northern Albania suffers from a lack of environmental specialists, while local civil society organizations lack cooperation. This is affecting that various environmental situations do not receive the proper attention.

In this case the solution may come by a closer cooperation through a platform that aims to increase capacities from a thematic networking of the organizations for: environmental advocacy, legislation, pollution and biodiversity.

The platform was set up by  ENGONA (Environmental NGO Network in Albania) project, which aims the coordination for common environmental causes and mitigating the fragmentation that exists between environmental civil society organizations.

With the thematic network already established and operational, ENGONA held a training meeting with representatives of different organizations operating in Kukës, Dibër and Shkodër districts. The platform offers access and opportunities for communication and consultation, for various issues even after the end of the project.

The participants appreciated the project, stating that such initiatives are a very good starting point to bring together organizations that have environmental protection at the center of their work.

The meeting with the environmental organizations of civil society  took place on July 22, 2022, by the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (PPM) in cooperation with the organization EcoAlbania and the ACEG Center (Albanian Center for Environmental Governance).

The ENGONA project is supported by LevizAlbania and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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The documentary “Saving the Vjosa River – the story behind” premiered in Tirana

On July 1, 2022, the documentary “Saving the Vjosa River – the story behind”, about the efforts of EcoAlbania and its partners to save the Vjosa – the last large wild river in Europe was presented in Tirana. The premiere was shown in the premises of the Tulla Cultural Center, with the participation of environmental activists and friends of Vjosa, who have followed and supported the campaign since the beginning.

The documentary presents a reconstruction of the actions of the campaign undertaken during this last decade, up to the current situation. This documentary aims not only to present EcoAlbania’s experience with Vjosa’s campaign, but also to encourage and inspire other activists, NGOs and communities to act in environmental protection.

The premiere of the documentary concluded a tour of activities, with the aim of sharing the experience with civil society actors, as well as serving as an opportunity for Vjosa’s friends to celebrate together the achievements in the campaign for the protection of the Vjosa River.


You can find the documentary published on YouTube at the link below.

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Workshop with environmental NGOs in Korca

The environmental organizations that operate in Korça region were introduced to the online platform of the ENGONA project (Environmental NGO Network in Albania/Networking of Environmental Organizations in Albania).

Thus, for common causes such as the preservation of the areas around Ohrid Lake, local civil society organizations are given opportunities for cooperation, consultation, coordination and interaction with other organizations.

The platform set up by ENGONA is already functional and will be active for organizations even after the project is completed.

It aims to mitigate the fragmentation that exists between organizations through their thematic networking for: environmental advocacy, legislation, pollution and biodiversity.

Everything was made known to the local organizations during a workshop with representatives of the four established networks as well as with Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj and MSc. Fjona Kurteshi.

The organizations evaluated the initiative by expressing themselves positively. They emphasized that it was the first time that they could cooperate with other organizations in Albania because until now they had mostly cooperated with organizations that operate outside the borders.

The workshop with civil society organizations was held on June 17, 2022 in Korça by the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) in cooperation with EcoAlbania organization and the ACEG Center (Albanian Center for Environmental Governance).

The ENGONA project is supported by LevizAlbania and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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Vjosa campaign story, meeting with enronmental organizations in Greece

On June 15, 2022, the “Vjosa Campaign” – inspiration for activism” forum was held with environmental organizations in Greece.

The meeting was held virtually due to the different locations of the environmental organizations. After the presentation of the “Europe’s Last Wild River” campaign, a question and answer session was held where the campaign was discussed in more detail. The participants also presented their organization and the campaigns or projects in which they are engaged thus encouraging a fruitful discussion among each other.

Participating NGOs also showed interest in cooperation with Albanian organizations on issues that affect both countries, such as the Prespa lake, the Vjosa/Aoos river, etc. During the meeting, other environmental topics were also discussed, such as: sensitizing communities to understand and share which action protects the environment and which destroys it without bringing long-term benefits to the residents of the area. Tactics were also discussed, how to approach lawyers to get involved in environmental issues, and being guided more by desire and will.

At the end of the forum, the materials produced by EcoAlbania, the 2 manuals about environmental law, and the relationship with the media were shared in electronic form, as well as the videos produced.

This forum is the last of the tour of forums organized within the project “Campaign for Vjosa – inspiration for activism” This project aims to share the experience of EcoAlbania during these last 8 years in the campaign of “Saving the blue heart of Europe”, with national and regional NGOs as one of the main actors in undertaking and leading campaigns for the protection of nature.

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