Press Release

Albanian artists united in a song to protect the rivers of Albania.

The green song “Blessed be the Free River”!

The power of music to raise awareness.

The green song “Blessed be the Free River” tries to contribute on behalf of the causes that protect the river Valbona and the last wild river in Europe, Vjosa.

Musicians, producers, musicologists, historians and artists, Albanian and international: Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Lina Rukaj, Rhani Krija, Vlashent Sata, Emiljano Dhimo, Shpat Deda, Gert Kapo, Henning Jung, Kleidi Eski, Sokol Çunga, Mikaela Minga, all together collaborated and produced the song and video “Blessed be the Free River”. This song (an initiative of the duo Duni – Zari) came as a need to spread information about the systematic injustice that is done to the areas of these rivers. At the same time, the song goes for supporting the awareness of this cause amongst our society.

Music is omnipresent and all-embracing in our life. It stimulates pleasure in the brain and elevates emotions. The music, the song, are not only entertaining mediums or elements that bring us together to party. The song is a wonderful instrument and effective through which information about causes on behalf of nature, on life or social problems are transmitted. Can we change the world with a song? No, but with a song we can change the micro-world and the perception of each one of us!

A song reinforces solidarity, it inspires, saves, gives hope. These concerns and the will to produce a protest song arise from the level of awareness about that irreversible evil that is happening in Valbona, in Vjosa, or about what is happening with the water, air, nature, the Albanian land, as well as with nature worldwide. This song gives voice for recovery, howls to the public in order to create on everybody a deep eco of awareness.

At the “Blessed be the Free River” the artists, fully aware, continued this initiative not only aiming at producing music, not only to stress the call: “We want no pipes, we want no dams, we want no barriers, nor dikes, we want all good people to howl: Blessed be the Free River!”, but produced a song that has a supreme goal: There where rivers exist, there is always a reason to build bridges, where we walk toward the other shore and hug the problems of each other as humans.

This is an effort to unite and solidarize activists, associations, those pro the Valbona and Vjosa river, but also all individuals that works and are worried about the existence and the values of our society. On the other hand, the song tries to give the message that there is no part of nature, no river, not a part of the air or the earth that are more privileged than another. Through apolitical activism and only after concentrated efforts, but always united, can be overthrown the wrong decision-makers and their unfortunate plans. Is it possible to be aware about the huge truth, that in no near future, but nor in a far one, never there will be another Albania, with the same nature like the one that we have? Therefore, let’s go and protect this nature. This is the appeal of the artists as volunteers, citizens, colleges, contemporaneous, but above all, as PEOPLE.

Don’t forget to sing out: Blessed be the Free River!

Music by: Elina Duni & Eda Zari © reserved by Duni & Zari

Lyric by: Sokol Çunga & Eda Zari

Produced by: Henning Jung, Gert Kapo, Rhani Krija – Cologne / Germany.

Visuals & Video: Concept & Video produced by Kleidi Eski / Light & Moving Prod.

Vocal: Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Linda Rukaj, Vlashent Sata, Shpat Deda

All percussions: Rhani Krija Piano, Fender Rhodes: Gert Kapo Drums: Emiljano Dhimo Bass: Henning Jung Mixing and Sound: Henning Jung Arrangements: Gert Kapo

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Foto by Kleidi Eski