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Adventure in Albania: kayaking in one of Europe’s final frontiers

The Article “Adventure in Albania: kayaking in one of Europe’s final frontiers” by the Guardian written by Rachel Dixon is about Albania as a travel destination and about the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign. The Article emphasizes next to the highlights of Albania as a travel destiny the impact that the planned hydropower plants will have of the environment, especially the biodiversity. The Vjosa is the last wild river in Europe and therefore needs to become a national park. The government plans to build eight major hydropower plants on the Vjosa, and another 20 or so on its tributaries as part of a massive Balkans hydro project. More than 500 hydropower plants are planned for Albania, among about 3,000 in the wider region. The consequences include loss of habitat and rare species, flooding, coastal erosion and compulsory resettlement.

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The Guardian Adventure in Albania kayaking in one of europes final frontiers